Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Apple of My Eye

I've been known to buy an apple just because I like its colors.
This one...
was all about the leaf.

Said apple is now in a pie.

Apple Pie Moonshine

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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Mural Artist

I had the pleasure of an invitation to join the local chapter of
Art Goes to School
on one of their field trips.

Mural installation at Churchville Inn, Bucks County, PA

The visit was to Murrie and Chaya Gayman's
Bucks County art studio and home.

Stairwell in the Gayman Home painted by Murrie

The two artists were high school sweethearts
who went on to art school together.

Murrie's philosophy hangs in his studio

Murrie's art and love of wood have evolved into
a unique style of creating mosaic murals.
His medium? Barnwood.

Mural detail

The murals are created of recycled barnwood
and assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle.
The color, grain, angle of cut of the wood
work together to create the desired pictorial design.

Murrie in his studio, 
his hand rests on a table he is making for his daughter.

The murals mostly reflect local historic events and locations
as does their antiques-filled 270 year old home
where Murrie has also made much of the furniture and cabinetry.

A mural installation at the Warwick Twp. Building in Bucks County, PA

Murrie's murals can be found in
many local banks and government buildings including:
Churchville Inn,
1st National Bank of Newtown (Warminster)
PA Visitor's Center, (Susquehanna)
Warwick Twp Building
Conklin's Antiques, (Susquehanna)
Barleysheaf Farm (Holicong)
Hatboro Savings Bank (Jamison)

Chaya shows handmade dolls she collects from France 
where they go each year for Murrie to paint. 

A huge thank you to my friend for inviting me on this tour
and to the Gaymans for sharing their art with us.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Melting My Heart

(A Little Tribute to My Soccer Boy)

Fall 2003 

As if feeling sentimental over cleaning up turf pellets 
that ride home in my son's soccer clothing
wasn't bad enough...
I went and looked at old pictures.

Fall 2004 

Remembering when my 6'3" young man
was anything but 6'3".

Fall 2005 

 But dang, he sure was cute 
and just as determined as ever.

Fall 2006 

Just scored, his classic 'happy run' after scoring a goal. 
Fall 2007 

Fall 2009

Where's the call ref?
 Spring 2010

Fall 2010 

Fall 2011 

Spring 2012

When the team goalie was injured, dad ratted that he played a wicked goalie. 
Darn Dad, he ended up playing goalie half the game for two years. 
(He doesn't much like playing goalie. Too bad he's so good at it. 0

Yes, he even flies. 
Fall 2012

He's very fast, just like dad
Spring 2013 

Yes, that was a bicycle kick which wowed everyone. 
Fall 2013
Last Season Playing Travel 
Spring 2014 

His travel team, The Black Knights, dissolved because many of the kids,
as high school seniors, wanted to lighten up a bit.
So most players joined the rec league.
A couple of his teammates ended up on each team.
It was interesting (and sometimes funny)
watching them play against each other instead of with each other.
They had a blast.

Playing Rec in his Last Soccer Season...

I have loved every minute of being his soccer mom -
Even the minutes cleaning up the turf pellets.

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