Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Morning Coffee

I don't drink coffee...
so when I saw my daughter getting ready to have a cup with some blue
I harassed her into letting me catch some photos.

I enjoy my morning tea...
the funny thing is
I cannot drink tea from a coffee mug.
I just cannot do it.

Happy 1/11/11!

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  1. That's such a nice coffee tin! Love the mug too :) - I can drink coffee out of just about anything, but I'm quite the opposite of you - I don't drink tea.

  2. I drink both coffee and tea, depending on my rampant mood swings. Is that what we call menopause? Anyway, my preference is coffee in a mug, tea in a bigger mug with sugar.

  3. Nice photos! I drink coffee and tea in the afternoon sometimes; both out of mugs! However, I do have some special teacups that my husband's aunt gave me and I should use those every now and then. I think one of them even has blue in it! :)

  4. I only drink coffee when I go out for breakfast. But that steaming cup of java with the cream dissipating throughout it looks really good to me right about now!

  5. I drink it every day. I should go cold turkey so I can actually get a jolt out of it.

    Nice colors.

  6. I agree Rebecca, I have to be absolutely frantic to drink tea out of a coffee mug (I like both tea and coffee) - tell your daughter I want her mug:):)

  7. i'm a coffee-lover and i like your daughter's mug!:p


  8. I drink coffee and tea...but a cup of coffee to start the day is a MUST! :)

  9. I like coffee and tea, and don't mind if it's served in a "wrong" cup :-D

  10. You take such beautiful pictures! Very inspiring!

  11. Oh! I am a coffee drinker...nothing better than my first cup of the morning! I DO drink tea also- but it's not a MUST-as coffee is!

    Your picture is very pretty!



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