Monday, October 10, 2011

Aerial Dance, Historic Fallsington Day

It must take quite a bit of concentration 
to suspend yourself in the air 
and perform acrobatics 
with out a safety mat below!

As a mom 
it was hard to watch at times.

Talk about being tied up in knots!

The performer is Liz Perry.
She was performing with the
Give and Take Jugglers
at Historic Fallsington Day,
Fallsington, PA


  1. Incredible! Even at my getting way up there age, I'd like to try that. As a kid, we used to dangle from the hay ropes, high in the hay loft and drop ourselves onto a pile of, if I saw my kids or GrandLoves do that, I think I'd freak out. Unreal what we did when we thought we were indispensable.

  2. That's pretty amazing! She has such dexterity and grace and I'm sure she has practiced countless hours.

  3. Pretty spectacular - both the photos and the young lady who performed!

  4. VERY cool! I always love seeing these types of performers at Cirq de Soleil performances, but to see one up close and "personally"! Such talent!



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