Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Native American Indian Dancers

There was much going on at
Historic Fallsington Day 
this year.

I enjoyed the team of 
Native American Indian Dancers.

Below is an national dance competition winner.
He is quite good.

Their regalia,
with all the handworked beading,
is just beautiful.

I am glad an effort is being made locally to preserve
this aspect of American history.
For more info on this local group click the link below:

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  1. fabulous handiwork and colors. this dancer must be amazing to see in person.

  2. i also posted Native American dancers...coincidence! i had trouble linking but and tried a second time...just click on 'homepage.' i don't know why i couldn't get the direct link????
    your post is fabulous...love love love the detail!!!

  3. Their clothing is amazing, great colors!

  4. What beautiful pictures. You really did a good job. My favorite is of the boy that won the national competition. I believe I saw him perform here in Bakersfield during our annual Pow Wow Days. If not then this is his twin!

    I agree wholeheartedly with you that about the effort being made to preserve this important part of America's history! Love the whole post!

  5. Beautiful pictures, I love them all. A real treat with these beautiful colors.

  6. Great pictures, Rebecca. Having lived in both Oklahoma and Arizona, I'm not new to Native American dancers but I am new to photographing them. The photo of the woman with the sunglasses is my favorite.

  7. the faces are lovely
    and I really like the composition of the top shot

  8. Oh wow, beautiful! I really like the portraits, so natural and nice.

  9. I love those Indian costumes!

    PBS History program had a show tonight about the Indians of the late 1800's and early 1900's. One thing told was how the making of those costumes is a lost art which makes the older ones still in existence very valuable.

    I am glad you showed these.
    Happy MidWeek Blues, Rebecca.

  10. Rebecca, this was wonderful. I have several jewelry pieces and belts from the native culture that are amazing.
    The beadwork astounds me and of course, dance~
    BlessYourHeart and ThanksAlwaysForStopping

  11. Nice colors and presentation. I love their costumes.

    Hi Rebecca, my first time here.

  12. Beautiful pics! Lost all my pics of this years Powow that we happened to run into on Memorial Day weekend 'cause my computer burned:(

  13. I love these shots! You captured the essence of the dancers wonderfully.
    I'm proud to say I have some Native American Heritage in my family line and these smiling faces are a joy to my heart.
    Love the bokeh going on in that third image!
    Carletta's Captures

  14. How fun! How come I don't know when this kind of stuff is going on around here???? I need to pay more attention I guess. Great photos!



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