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Friday, February 22, 2013

Cycling Through Life

Twenty some years ago 
we moved into our current house with two little girls. 

Several years ago 
a new couple moved into a house down the street 
and now they have two little girls also. 

Watching their family grow 
brings back sweet memories. 

Memories of when we were young 
and running behind bicycles too. 

 Am I that old? 
Let's see, the next bicycles I run behind 
will likely belong to the grandkids of my future! 

 I don't feel that old. 
But then I'm not running behind a bike either. 

 I snapped these photos while my little neighbor was learning to ride her bike. 
I think it is time to get them on a CD and deliver them to her Mom and Dad...
before they have grandkids!

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